One Black One White Photo Book Documents the Art of Shanxi Noodle Making

All images courtesy of the Kickstarter

Through a hearty mix of food photography and documentary photography, Kristie Chow of art and media website One Belly is set to publish One Black One White – Shanxi Noodle School in China, a photo book on noodle making in Shanxi province of North China. Whether you’re a documentary photographer with an interest for unique stories, or a foodie who wants to explore food photography, this project should be inspiring for you. Kristie’s Kickstarter campaign for the 16-paged photo book was successfully funded with 20 days to go. Through this book, backers will learn about the artistry of noodle making in Shanxi, which was part of her month-long journey across four provinces in China to learn their distinct regional noodles.

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