This Beautiful Minimalist Space in Japan is a Photographer’s Dream Home Studio

All images by Yoshihiro Asada and Norihito Yamauchi via Arch Daily

It’s been said all the time that there’s always something for everyone, and we believe we’ve found the perfect house for photographers. It’s designed to maximize natural light, has plenty of space for a home studio, and has a lot of picture-perfect corners. There’s just one catch: You’d have to fly to Japan to book a viewing at least. Which doesn’t sound so bad, actually, as Japan is known for being a paradise for photographers.

This slice of paradise can be found in a quiet village in Shiga, and was certainly designed by FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects to be the perfect home studio for photographers. It’s mainly constructed with mortar and galvanized steel sheets in order to help reflect dull light and make it appear bigger. It sits within an L-shaped lot and faces the village shrine on the opposite side.

According to the team led by Kouichi Kimura, the building interestingly used to be a studio, gallery, and residence of their client, which, as you probably guessed, is a photographer. The client requested that his studio and living space be combined, so the team set to work, laying out a plan based on how he’d like to live in this space instead of simply segmenting the building by function.

The result is a beautifully minimalist space that harmoniously blends everything a photographer would need for his own creative space. There are narrow hallways that lead to a wide space which can be used as a gallery for displaying artworks. The walls are kept clean and neutral with the combination of white paint and grey concrete, which can instantly serve as backdrops for portraits. The studio area is spacious and uncluttered, with plenty of room for a complete studio set up. At the center of the property is a hall that serves as a hub that seamlessly connects everything.

If you’re not completely sold yet (really?), the entire space gets an abundant flow of natural light due to the large windows and skylight installations on the ceilings. Different ceiling heights also work with the natural light to create shades and shadows.

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