These Environmental Portraits Put the Emphasis on Artist Studios

In this portrait project by Danny Santos II, we get to see how looking beyond our own creative fields can give us inspiration for photography projects.

At its core, the goal of portrait photography is to tell us something about the subject, their personality, their passions, and even a sense of mystery in their gaze. A portrait project of Singapore-based Danny Santos II gives us all of those and a little extra: we also get a glimpse of the creative spaces where his artist subjects make their masterpieces. We’ve reminded our fellow photographers not so long ago about the importance of having other hobbies and exploring other interests outside of photography; this series could give you an idea about which one to pick up!

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London’s Bright Rooms are Setting an Example for Modern Darkrooms

All images by Bright Rooms via Kickstarter

Darkrooms were once photographers’ sacred space for harnessing the magic of photography. Today, we mostly find them in a handful of schools teaching traditional photography, independent labs, and private artist spaces. Still, most of them are being decommissioned by universities that have shifted their focus to digital photography. Some of London’s creatives have responded to this by putting up Bright Rooms, dubbed a 21st century darkroom built to celebrate the craft of photography and heighten engagement with analog printing.

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This Beautiful Minimalist Space in Japan is a Photographer’s Dream Home Studio

All images by Yoshihiro Asada and Norihito Yamauchi via Arch Daily

It’s been said all the time that there’s always something for everyone, and we believe we’ve found the perfect house for photographers. It’s designed to maximize natural light, has plenty of space for a home studio, and has a lot of picture-perfect corners. There’s just one catch: You’d have to fly to Japan to book a viewing at least. Which doesn’t sound so bad, actually, as Japan is known for being a paradise for photographers.

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