Photographer Kevin Mullins Talks About His Documentary Style Approach to Weddings

Images in this article and video are by Kevin Mullins. Used with permission.

If you were to check out the work of photographer Kevin Mullins, you’d immediately fall in love with his classic documentary style approach to wedding photography. He tells the Phoblographer that he draws influence from photographers like Jeff Ascough and others. At the Fujifilm Festival in NYC this year, we got a chance to talk with Kevin about this approach.

One of the biggest takeaways for Kevin was learning about his specific mentality when it comes to approaching subjects. Kevin goes into weddings acting like and shooting like a guest would. He believes that this delivers a more personal view on all the photos that the couple ends up really liking. Part of this approach came from his affinity for smaller cameras like those from the Fujifilm system. Kevin used to shoot with big cameras and lenses, but then moved onto smaller ones in order to get closer to subjects. These days, Kevin is a Fujifilm X photographer.

Also important: Kevin believes that you should really research different types of photographers and study the way that they shoot. That isn’t at all to say that you should copy what they do. But instead you should develop your own creative vision based on what they do. More from Kevin is in the video above.

Chris Gampat

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