This Nikon SB5000 Flash Survived More Dirt Than We’d Like to Admit

We’re currently on a press trip with Nikon trying out the new Nikon D850 in Bend, Oregon–and during the trip we did something with a flash that would probably make most photographers cringe. The image above shows off the Nikon SB5000 flash. Now, if you look at most flashes out there, what seems to be dominating the scenes are those cheap Chinese flashes from Yongnuo, Godox, etc. So with that mentality present, if something like what happened to this Nikon SB5000 flash happened to one of those, you’d probably just replace it. But you see, Nikon’s flash is significantly more expensive–but it easily survived being ground into the dirt and mud.

While testing the Nikon D850, we (meaning myself and a number of other journalists) were photographing dirt bikers and using high speed sync to get some crisper images. Nikon recommended putting the flashes in the dirt and mud then pointing the head towards the bikers. That’s how I was able to get a number of these images.

The Nikon SB5000 still works; and that’s just a testament to why you’d probably pay more for a flash.

More photos and first impressions are coming. But be sure to check out our first impressions of the Nikon D850 updated.