Hasselblad’s New X1D Field Kit Is Everything A Mirrorless Medium Format Shooter Needs

Right now it is a two horse race in the medium format mirrorless game between Fujifilm’s GFX system and the Hasselblad X1D system. There are reasons for a photographer to choose either side and at this point–neither one has separated itself from the competition much. That said, if you have been considering these systems and are leaning towards the X1D, the today’s announcement from Hasselblad could be some great news for you.

Hasselblad has announced a brand new field kit for their X1D system which if purchased would allow a photographer to not only be set up with everything they need in the X1D system in terms of the camera and some lenses, but also as far as a rugged pelican case (with custom foam insert to fit and protect each piece of gear perfectly), shoulder and wrist straps, and extra batteries. This really is a one stop shop for the X1D system.

As far as the gear you are getting, obviously, you are getting your hands on an X1D-50c, the only X1D camera body at the moment. In terms of lenses to pair with the X1D-50c purchasers of this field, the kit will also be getting their hands on the XCD 30mm F3.5, 45mm F3.5, and 90mm F3.2 which is a good spread for photographers looking to shoot on the wider side of the spectrum through to some more standard portrait looks.

But as you may be guessing, despite some discount included for buying the entire kit at once, this is still not a budget kit by any means. In fact, we are willing to be many of you are driving cars right now that were purchased brand new for less than this kit at $17,495 USD. That said, if there are any of you out there with the disposable income and desire for the kit, pre-orders are now open and you can order it online through Hasselblad directly.

The company has said that the first shipments of these kits can be expected to begin on or around September 20th.  You can find out more over on the Hasselblad website, here.