Cheap Photo: X-E2s Is A Heck of a Deal Right Now!

Fujifilm may be getting ready to launch their X-E3 at some point later this fall, but that aside, the X-E2s is the most recent X-Series camera to feature that killer 16MP X-Trans II sensor. Right now the X-E2s is available for a stupid good deal at just under $500. This may not have been our favorite X-Trans II based camera at its original pricing, but for under $500, this is a hell of a lot of camera you are getting for less than a Canon EOS-M kit… yeah, and this would blow those out of the water.

Lightroom Preset Mega-Deal Is Still Available!

The deal is over at PhotoWhoa and includes color presets, black and white presets, film look presets, just about every type of preset you can imagine, this pack has it all. But it will only be available for a limited time, so jump on it while you still can if it interests you at all.

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