Pedro Kin: The Thrill of Waking Up at 3AM to Catch the Sunrise

All images by Pedro Kin. Used with permission.

“Gear was getting in the way and I decided to sell everything and start simple again, I needed a smaller camera due to the hikes I do so I decided to ditch the full frame camera that was staying at home on every hike,” says photographer Pedro Kin about the work he does in an introductory email. With his Sony a6500, 10-18mm and 24-70mm lens he goes about hiking and shooting landscapes where he can. You see, Pedro loves traveling and travel photography therefore fits right into what he really adores. Drawing influence from photographers like Dennis Oliver, Colby Brown and Elia Locardi, Pedro claims to have been shooting for around 13 years.

For Pedro, he feels a sense of invigoration with the challenges and results of waking up at 3AM, driving for an hour to a location, and waiting for a sunrise that may or may not show up. When it’s not there, he heads home motivated to get what he had in mind when he next returns. Typically, Pedro also only has a few days to get the best of what the weather produces. When he gets home, to look at the photos, he only gets motivated and excited even more so.

“I love to show to the world the way I see things, getting to spend time in nature is a huge bonus and photography just makes me feel good,” Pedro continues to explain. To that end, he sees himself as more of a creator than a documentor. “I’m more of a creator, I don’t want to show people the world, I want to show people my world, with my colors and the way my eyes see things.”

Pedro describes his process to us:

While in the zone I usually prefer to be alone to have no distractions, I see the shot in my head many times before I even press the shutter, after I press the shutter and review the image I already have an idea how I will edit the photos in post processing afterwards. Very often I wake up for sunrise shots and on the same day I most likely will do a sunset in the same location if I’m not 100% satisfied with the morning results.

Pedro uses mostly Lightroom and Photoshop to edit images, further confessing he’s a fan of HDR techniques to archive the results he envisioned in the field. However for Pedro, gear doesn’t matter so much. “…it used to matter before but I’m in a place right now that if I can have wide angle lens and a camera I’m happy to make my craft, I currently shoot with the Sony A6500 and the Sony 10-18.” he explains.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.