Travel and Landscape Photography is Deeply Therapeutic to Me

My name is Ethan Chin. I’m a 17 year old landscape and travel photographer from Toronto, Canada. I started shooting landscapes seriously a little over a year ago. I got into landscapes photography specifically because I love the slow-pace of it, and the peace that comes with being alone in the great outdoors.

I got into photography because of my cousin. She shot a lot of photos of her trips, and I noticed her images looked vastly better than my those from my smartphone at the time, and I wanted something better. That first camera I bought turned into an absolute obsession and soon enough, I found myself reading countless blogs (including the Phoblographer), participating in forums and watching tutorials in order to hone my skills. At it’s core, I got into photography simply for the desire for something better.

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Pedro Kin: The Thrill of Waking Up at 3AM to Catch the Sunrise

All images by Pedro Kin. Used with permission.

“Gear was getting in the way and I decided to sell everything and start simple again, I needed a smaller camera due to the hikes I do so I decided to ditch the full frame camera that was staying at home on every hike,” says photographer Pedro Kin about the work he does in an introductory email. With his Sony a6500, 10-18mm and 24-70mm lens he goes about hiking and shooting landscapes where he can. You see, Pedro loves traveling and travel photography therefore fits right into what he really adores. Drawing influence from photographers like Dennis Oliver, Colby Brown and Elia Locardi, Pedro claims to have been shooting for around 13 years.

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How Color Affects Leading Lines in Landscape Photography

On the Phoblographer, we tend to talk a whole lot about color, black and white, and how incredibly important it is to use them effectively in your photography. We typically apply them to portraiture, but it’s also not too terrible of an idea to apply it to landscape photography. You see, in landscape photography there are a few basic rules to creating better landscapes photos and for the most part they apply to creating better color images. But when it comes to making black and white or even just creating more striking color, there are a few other techniques you may not have tried yet.

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Darren Hamlin: A Guide to Shooting the Northern Lights


All images by Darren Hamlin. Used with permission.

Photographer Darren Hamlin is based in Sweden and first got into photography after the birth of his son. His interest in photography came from a friend he met in the press who dealt with war photography. After reading the Bang Bang club and getting into street photography, he turned his lens towards the sky.

“I will now hike for two hours to maybe get a shot at sunset, or I will be on the backside of the mountain on a steep waiting for a skier, and all I can say to myself is ‘shit, I am from London, how did this happen’ with a big smile on my face.” says Darren in his pitch email to us.

After leaving his day job, Darren started his own photography company. He shares many of these images on his blog and Instagram. Lots of his Northern Lights photos are incredible, and we wanted to talk to him about shooting the spectacular natural occurrence.

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Here’s an Instagram Photo of an Ominous Cloud Over NYC Last Night


We’ve seen some pretty darn crazy ominous clouds and storms over NYC before. But this latest one from Fischer Clothing on Instagram shows a super dark cloud overpowering the city and separating it from the rest of the sky. Indeed, there was a super strong storm last night–and it started while I was out shooting for an upcoming review.

Granted this storm is nothing compared to what Ryan Brenizer has shot before. Take a look at that monstrosity here.