This Kodak Instamatic Messenger Bag is Almost an Impulse Buy

Maybe it has something to do with the classic and cool vintage design, but this Kodak Instamatic Messenger Bag is one that seems perfect for every collector. The bag’s exterior is covered with the original Kodak Instamatic camera emblazoned all over it. For the uninitiated (or I guess those less woke on camera history) the Instamatic was a pretty automatic camera Kodak produced years ago. It was a hit for so many people because it was small, easy to operate, and used a piece of technology that really pushed photography ahead in a somewhat unexpected way.

You see, versions of the Kodak Instamatic camera had a shoe of some sort to accommodate what are called Flash cubes. These cubes had four charges that fired off flashes. It made flash photography simple for people until flashes were built into cameras themselves. The flash cubes can’t really be had any more but the cameras still have an iconic look with their boxy body.

Perhaps that’s what’s adding to the Kodak Instamatic Messenger bag’s appeal–the fact that it is an ode to such a classic and lets a photographer wear on their sleeve their love for old school photography just that much. The bag is 18 inches wide which means that if and when you stuff your 16 inch laptop in there you’ll still have a bit of room to work with on either side. Plus it’s 12 inches tall. Essentially all you’re probably going to stuff in here is a thin camera, maybe a laptop (though highly unlikely), magazines, snacks, etc. It isn’t being specifically marketed as a camera bag either, but still it’s pretty darned cool.

You can snag the Kodak Instamatic Messenger Bag for $99 off the Kodak Collection website. Or you can check out the rest of their bags.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.