Cheap Photo: Deals on Panasonic, Nikon, Lexar, Rokinon and Sony

Time for another check-in on the currently available deals and sales across the industry. This is always a post to catch if you are on the market for some new equipment. As we all know, this profession/hobby is not cheap and any penny saved could end up a penny earned.

Here are a few of the notable savings we have seen today (always feel free to email us if you stumble upon a good one we don’t know about!):

Education & Tutorial Savings

  • Lighting Crash Course By Michael The Maven – ~$30 Off – Get it
  • Understand Long Exposure Photography – ~21 Off – Get it
  • Location Lighting With Speedlights – ~$29 Off – Get it
  • The Art Of Posing And Directing Women – $20 Off – Get it
  • Shoot To Sell: The Real Women Boudoir Posing Guide – ~$40 Off – Get it

Tech Deals

Computers, Hard Drives, SSDs, Memory Cards, Monitors… Photographers need tech too! Here are some deals on tech we have found that we think you photographers may be interested in.

Hot Camera Price Watch

Keep an eye on this section for that next upgrade you have been wanting to make. Note that the prices shown are not necessarily deals or discounted, they are just meant to be a quick reference for anyone looking to glance at prices from across the market. They are updated automatically on page load from Amazon US. 








Deal Quick Links

All of the following links will show you deals in that category totaling at least 10% off the usual asking price for that item.

Brand Lens Deals: CanonNikonSony – FujifilmOlympus

Third Party Lens Deals: TamronSigmaRokinonTokinaZeiss

DSLR Camera Deals: CanonNikonSony  // All

Mirrorless Camera Deals: SonyFujifilm // All

Micro Four Thirds Camera Deals: OlympusPanasonic // All