SNAP! Pro’s New HD Wide Lens for iPhone Almost Totally Kills Distortion

Last year, we reviewed the SNAP! Pro iPhone camera case and really fell in love with its overall versatility. So when the company recently announced they’ve upgraded the case and the lenses, it got us very excited. According to the company, the new case is designed not only for the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus, but the newer lenses were designed to be a pretty major improvement.

Take a look at this image for example, it’s a comparison photo showcasing image differences between their old wide angle lens and their new one. Pretty insane, right? The new wide angle lens is called the HD Wide lens. Don’t ask me why, but even I need to admit this is pretty spectacular quality. What this will mean is spectacular photo and video quality. It’s also quite a testament on how much lens technology has improved over the years and how distortion is mostly becoming a thing of the past. Sad though, as some of us really do like the distorted look to a certain point.

Their wide lenses are most likely the most popular due to how fun they are to work with. They’re fantastic for street photography and more compact than offerings from PhotoJoJo Iris, Moment, and Zeiss ExoLens.

One of the biggest changes to the case itself is that you no longer need a screwdriver to attach the extra grip to your phone. As it is, the case is pretty large and anything that keeps it more compact works just fine for me. The case still has the excellent ergonomic shutter which to date is still the best I’ve seen and used.

And the price points? They’re pretty comparable to many of the other options out there and you can get a case and an HD wide angle lens for $149.99.

More information can be found on their website.