The Elinchrom ELB-1200’s Compact Size Targets On Location Adventure Photographers

With today’s announcement of the new Elinchrom ELB-1200, the company has declared their interests in further supporting the adventure photographer whom does a whole lot of their paid work on location. The Elinchrom ELB-1200 is a special battery pack that’s only 4.5kg in weight while also boasting what the company claims to be lots of durability. Considering the aluminum housing of the redesigned flash heads, that already is starting to make sense.

Lens Position: 836

While the ELB-1200 is the pack, the company also redesigned their flash heads for the adventure photographer going on location.

According to the press release:

Combined with the corresponding flash head, the Hi-Sync option allows photographers to freeze motion up to 1/8000s and obtain images with complete sharpness. Compatible with all Elinchrom light shaping tools, photographers can take full control of their light in their workflow.

Besides this, there is also the Pro and Action flash heads.

Lens Position: 735

Returning to the ELB-1200 flash pack, the battery is said to be able to resist harsh weather conditions and heavy shocks. When it hits the market in the middle of this year, we’re sure on location and adventure photographers will be taking it with them to Iceland every chance they get. It’s adjustable in 1/10th power increments and can output a flash duration of up to 1/8850. Of course, as per the name, it has 1,200 watt seconds of power output all balanced to daylight at 5500K.

Oh yeah, and you can use it for video too!

More specs are below.

Specifications & Features Wrap Up Unit

• 18 x 13 x 28 cm

• 3.2 kg (without battery)

• Large OLED control display

• Fast recycling times (1.7s in FAST mode, 3s in DEFAULT mode)

• Strobo, sequence and delayed flash mode

• USB for firmware updates

Flash Head

Lens Position: 1970

• Heavy duty compact head

• Aluminium housing

• 22.5 x 14 x 23 cm

• 2.2 kg

• Aluminium tilt head

• 7 mm and/or 8 mm umbrella tube

• 92 CRI dimmable daylight LED equivalent to 250w Halogen

• For both still photography and video

• Silent video mode

Li-Ion Battery

Lens Position: 655

• Weather resistant design

• Battery Air / 215 full power flashes, 1.1 kg (included)

• Battery Air / 80 min of continuous LED light

• Battery HD / 400 full power flashes, 1.5 kg (optional)

• Battery HD / 120 min of continuous LED light

• 5V USB power output

• Shipping mode for travelling

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