Carolin Unrath Captures the Unparalleled Joy of River Surfing

“This day was special,” the photographer Carolin Unrath admits. It was May 2020, and the world was grappling with the first few months of the pandemic. Longing for adventure and a break from the isolation of the previous weeks, she connected with the surfer Andreas Müllner and the producer Peter Scherb. Together, they made their way to Eisbach, the river surfing epicenter of Munich and a gathering place dating back to the 1970s

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Shimoda Releases Shoulder Strap Line Especially Designed for Female Adventure Photographers

If you’re a female outdoor photographer struggling with the ill-fitting straps of your camera bag, this new shoulder strap line by Shimoda is certainly for you. 

While photographers today have virtually unlimited options when it comes to camera bags, choices especially designed for women are few and far between. However, this new offering could change that. Adventure camera bag company Shimoda Designs has recently launched their new Women’s Shoulder Strap line, custom-tailored specifically for female adventure photographers.

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The Elinchrom ELB-1200’s Compact Size Targets On Location Adventure Photographers

With today’s announcement of the new Elinchrom ELB-1200, the company has declared their interests in further supporting the adventure photographer whom does a whole lot of their paid work on location. The Elinchrom ELB-1200 is a special battery pack that’s only 4.5kg in weight while also boasting what the company claims to be lots of durability. Considering the aluminum housing of the redesigned flash heads, that already is starting to make sense.

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