Shimoda Releases Shoulder Strap Line Especially Designed for Female Adventure Photographers

If you’re a female outdoor photographer struggling with the ill-fitting straps of your camera bag, this new shoulder strap line by Shimoda is certainly for you. 

While photographers today have virtually unlimited options when it comes to camera bags, choices especially designed for women are few and far between. However, this new offering could change that. Adventure camera bag company Shimoda Designs has recently launched their new Women’s Shoulder Strap line, custom-tailored specifically for female adventure photographers.

The Women’s Shoulder Strap line is comprised of three straps: the Simple Strap – Petit, Simple Strap – Standard, and the Tech Strap Standard. All three are constructed around pressure points across the chest and under the arm to provide a secure and comfortable fit. As all Shimoda backpacks have an interchangeable shoulder strap system, these new straps will allow female photographers to custom-fit their camera backpacks to their body shape.

The straps were created as a response to the need for a backpack with better-fitting straps expressed to Shimoda. Founder Ian Millar gathered a team of female adventure photographers who were early adopters of the Shimoda Bag system to spearhead the development and testing of the project.

Simple Strap – Standard

Simple Strap – Petit

Tech Strap – Standard

The Simple Strap in Standard and Petite sizes feature a simple look and function, with various points that connect accessories and a shape that contours around the chest area. As their names suggest, the Standard is best for women with a medium bust and shoulder width, while the Petite is ideal for those with smaller busts and shoulder widths.

The Technical Strap, meanwhile, sports features that follow the original Shimoda shoulder strap design. It has a mobile phone and stretch-jersey sleeve for carrying devices, water bottles, and accessories. This style is the strap of choice particularly for adventure photographers with fuller figures, and large bust and shoulder width.

All three straps have a new dual-sternum strap configuration that contours and fastens around the chest to relieve discomfort from unnecessary pressure. The straps are priced at $34.95, and, as with all Shimoda products, come with a five year warranty.

Think this is something for your adventure photography needs? Head to the Shimoda page for Women’s Straps to find out more and grab the strap for you.