The New Lomography Color Negative F²/400 Film Is the Result of a Crazy Experiment

Today we’re getting a brand new film in the form of Lomography Color Negative F²/400 Film. Well, at least it’s kind of a new film. The company describes the origin of the film as being originally made by an Italian filmmaker. In 2010, they bought the last of it; and then they let it age in the Czech Republic. While doing this, they did some experiments with it. Seven years later, they took it out and they’re really happy with the results.

The results indeed look good. The sample photos from Lomography Color Negative F²/400 Film almost resembles a slide film. You’re supposed to develop it using conventional C41 methods and rate the film at ISO 400. The film is going to only be available in 35mm format–which means that you can’t run it through a Diana F+.

From the sample images, what I can tell is that despite the company using and talking about the “X Pro” moniker, this is actually quite confusing to modern photographers. When we think X Pro, we connotate it with Fujifilm’s high end line of mirrorless cameras. And when you have the word Pro in there, we think professional.

But believe it or not, that couldn’t be anywhere further from the truth, sort of.

X Pro sort of stands for Cross Processing. See it? Get it? It’s weird. But I’m testing their X Pro Slide 200 film right now and finding all this out first hand. The film has a very warm, saturated and yellow look to it and I’m doing quite a bit to change that in my results.

Considering that Lomography Color Negative F²/400 seems to be balanced to daylight given the sample images, I’m a bit more confident in how I’m going to approach it. I’m very curious how it handles.

You’re getting pretty affordable film. It’s being sold only in 10 packs and for a little bit more than $50.

This is surely an exciting year for film with so many new and revived emulsions coming back.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.