Modified Versions Of Fujifilm X-100S and X-PRO 1 Feature Monochrome Sensors

The concept of utilizing full monochrome image sensor in a camera was initiated by the Leica M Monochrom, which was popular and highly regarded among black and white photography purists., a camera conversion expert is offering modified Fujifilm X-100s and X-Pro 1 cameras featuring true monochrome image sensors.

The logic behind having a full monochrome sensor is quite straightforward, by removing the traditional color filters in a typical RGB (red, green and blue) image sensor, the light will hit the image sensor at full spectrum, unfiltered, allowing the image sensor to collect full information with minimal losses. This translates to images in black and white which display greater sharpness, depth and clarity, hence the claimed superiority of utilizing a full monochrome sensor. is an expert in camera conversions and have successfully converted Fuji X-Trans color image sensors to monochrome due to popular requests. claims that the converted Fuji monochrome cameras can compare quite favorably to the Leica M Monochrom but with better features and higher performance in many imaging aspects, yet being offered at a lower price. The Leica M Monochrom is currently retailing at about $7500 while the monochrome versions of Fuji X-100s and Fuji X-Pro 1 are selling for $2425 and $2600 respectively in their website.

It was a difficult challenge to do quality monochrome conversions, especially for Fujifilm cameras having their own unique X-Trans sensor. intends to add newer Fujifilm cameras into their conversion list as they tackle the technical challenges for the other cameras. You can find more information about the monochrome versions of Fuji X-100s and Fuji X-Pro 1 at’s official product page here.