Convert Your Sony A7r to Full Spectrum for Infrared Photography

This camera conversion project for infrared photography is not for the faint of heart.

Infrared photography is one of the most popular creative styles for both film and digital, but for the latter, you’ll need to have a camera modified specifically for this purpose. If you’ve ever been curious about how cameras are converted to enable them to shoot in infrared, fortunately, there are brave and experienced photographers like Davin Lavikka who show how it’s done.

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Modified Versions Of Fujifilm X-100S and X-PRO 1 Feature Monochrome Sensors

The concept of utilizing full monochrome image sensor in a camera was initiated by the Leica M Monochrom, which was popular and highly regarded among black and white photography purists., a camera conversion expert is offering modified Fujifilm X-100s and X-Pro 1 cameras featuring true monochrome image sensors.

The logic behind having a full monochrome sensor is quite straightforward, by removing the traditional color filters in a typical RGB (red, green and blue) image sensor, the light will hit the image sensor at full spectrum, unfiltered, allowing the image sensor to collect full information with minimal losses. This translates to images in black and white which display greater sharpness, depth and clarity, hence the claimed superiority of utilizing a full monochrome sensor.

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