Modified Versions Of Fujifilm X-100S and X-PRO 1 Feature Monochrome Sensors

The concept of utilizing full monochrome image sensor in a camera was initiated by the Leica M Monochrom, which was popular and highly regarded among black and white photography purists., a camera conversion expert is offering modified Fujifilm X-100s and X-Pro 1 cameras featuring true monochrome image sensors.

The logic behind having a full monochrome sensor is quite straightforward, by removing the traditional color filters in a typical RGB (red, green and blue) image sensor, the light will hit the image sensor at full spectrum, unfiltered, allowing the image sensor to collect full information with minimal losses. This translates to images in black and white which display greater sharpness, depth and clarity, hence the claimed superiority of utilizing a full monochrome sensor.

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CMOSIS Develops 4K Sensor Capable of 300 fps Recording

CMOSIS CMV-12000 300 fps 4k sensor

CMOSIS, Belgian imaging sensor manufacturer and creator of the 24 megapixel sensor inside the Leica M Typ 240, has come up with a new 4k sensor that is capable of recording 300 fps video at full resolution, according to Red Shark News. The sensor, which is labelled CMV-12000, outputs 4k video at a resolution of 4,096 x 3,072, and is said to be capable of even higher framerates at reduced resolutions, such as 1080 or 720.

As a comparison, the Red One camera is currently capable of 120 fps at 2k resolution, and if you want much more than that you’ll have to go for the almost unaffordable Phantom Flex. In that regard, this new sensor is definitely a huge step up, if not a game changer. There’s no word on availability yet, so we have no idea whether it’ll be implemented in actual cameras anytime soon.

More information is available in the official CMOSIS press release.