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We’ve got a limited amount of time left for you to register for our Brooklyn Food Photography Workshop this weekend!

Two Day Food Photography Intensive Workshop: February 25th-26th (Brooklyn)

Have you ever arrived home from work trying to photograph your food but found that the light wasn’t adequate? Join The Phoblographer’s Editor in Chief Chris Gampat as he takes you through a special class involving lighting specifics when it comes to food photography. He’ll take you through a number of techniques, tips and tricks to create photos. Everyone will receive a chance to shoot and this two day intensive class will have a limited-size to ensure its intimacy.

All attendees receive a free 24/7 Traffic Collection Sling bag and a three course dinner package on Saturday night.

(Saturday) Day 1: Chris will go over ideas and the basics of lighting images when natural light isn’t quite sufficient. Chris and the class will head over to Tutu’s in Brooklyn to photograph food. The day will end with a special dinner for attendees.

(Sunday) Day 2: Attendees will find themselves back at Adorama to submit a single image of theirs shot during the session to be critiqued by Chris and the class.

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In the Studio: Creating Professional Photographs with Instax Wide Film: March 19th (NYC)

If you’re one of those people that has always wanted to create a professional looking image with Instant Film, then you’ve come to the right place. Is it difficult? Not really; but it will surely require you to think in a different way.

On March 19th, The Phoblographer’s Chris Gampat will take you into the studio to create Instant Photos that look like they were professionally shot while still retaining that lo-fi charm that everyone loves. You’ll learn about posing for a portrait, idea generation, lighting, light modifiers, and so much more.

Oh yeah, and EVERYONE will walk away with fantastic photos that they’ll be proud of.

We promise you, this is the most bang for your buck Instant film photography workshop you’ll experience.

Where: Lomography Gallery Store

When: March 19th, 12:30PM

Price: $175, includes two packs of Fujifilm Instax Wide film

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How to Become a Legitimate Street Photographer (Online)

Are you interested in learning how you can build an audience around your street photographer and turn it into a real business? This three-day live online workshop with Chris Gampat will give you an editor’s perspective on what it takes to become a famous street photographer. Chris the Editor-in-Chief of The Phoblographer, a nationally recognized blog for professional and aspiring photographers. Chris has helped thousands of photographers around the world grow their business. He is taking everything he knows about the world of street photography and packing into this interactive workshop.

Chris will show you how to navigate the street photography world, keep your chin up, cull your own portfolio, put together a website, build a following and network with the right people to get your work shown.

This workshop will cover:

– Taking amazing photos
– Developing Your Portfolio
– Building a Following
– Marketing Your Work on Social Media

Session One – Taking Great Photos

Chris will show you how to get out there and keep shooting. He’ll cover your tendencies and how to market them as your strengths and unique creative vision. Then he’ll get into how you can make images that you found to be lousy into great photos.

Session Two – Building Your Platform

Chris will explain how to build a platform for people to come see your work. Blogs, websites, Instagram, and Flickr will all be included.

Session Three – Marketing Your Work

Chris will talk about getting the word out there about your platform. He’ll explain how to talk to editors, Instagram curators, Flickr and Facebook groups to explore, etc. But we all know that networking isn’t just something done online, but also in person. So he’ll help you get off the ground there too.

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Black and White Street Photography/Urban Geometry Workshop: April 29th-30th (NYC)

Join La Noir Image’s and The Phoblographer’s Editor in Chief Chris Gampat for an Adorama Event Space exclusive as he takes you on a journey to create better street photographs and through a growing new branch of street photography called Urban Geometry in this two day exclusive, limited-sized intensive course. Built on the ideals of great photographers such as Cartier-Bresson, #UrbanGeometry on Instagram has turned into a growing genre focusing on the way that the human eye perceives shapes and lines in a scene.

All attendees receive a free 24/7 Traffic Collection Sling bag.

Before the event, Chris will provide registrants with some material to look at. You’ll also become aware of how black and white photography works differently from color. He will teach you how to see the world in a different way.

Day 1: The class will commence with a few secret locations to be photographed and worked with by the small group. (12PM, a secret location)

Day 2: Attendees will find themselves back at Adorama to submit a single image of theirs shot during the session to be critiqued by Chris and the class. (11AM at the Adorama Event space)

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Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.