10 Days to Go on Our Kickstarter: Help Us Make a Beautiful Zine about Analog Photography

Hey everyone,

We’ve got 10 days left to get our Kickstarter fully funded and we’re almost there! But we can use more support. Just a reminder: our zine is going to be all about analog photography. It’s going to feature 100 pages of photos and short interviews profiling a number of photographers on why they create photos. In this way, we’re looking to inspire photographers and their creativity and not just base it around the gear–although there will be short tidbits on what the photographers use.

Magazines typically don’t have glossed pages to deliver a better viewing experience.

You’re probably wondering why I’d want to do a zine. Well, if you’re a photographer and have been for a while now, you know very well that a printed photo can be a million times more powerful than one seen on a screen. The ability to see, feel, and smell a good print makes jaws drop in a different way that simply isn’t always possible with digital.

I want to create something that will sit on your coffee table and remain as a centerpiece. I want you to be inspired by the images each and every time you pick it up and I don’t ever want that spark to fade. That’s why I’m promising to get this out to everyone by the end of the year: so that we can ensure that the photos are right, the text is right, the paper is right, and overall the feel is just right.

So far, we’ve got a number of really good photographers that we have in mind and we’ve been receiving more submissions for the project. But to be clear, this won’t happen unless we get the funding we need. We’re not asking for much, but instead we’re going to focus on very high quality for the price point.

We encourage everyone in the analog photography world to get involved here. Each zine will cost $25 and considering that you’re getting 100 pages of really beautiful work, that’s a pretty good price point.

Please head on over to our Kickstarter project and donate so that we can get this funded.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.