The Capture One Pro Keyboard Manages Your Shortcuts With Ease

There are a lot of keyboard options designed to work very well with Photoshop and Lightroom and today Phase One has announced a partnership with LogicKeyboard to deliver the Capture One Pro Keyboard for the mac. The special keyboard is designed to give photo editors better and quicker access to their shortcuts through color coded layouts.

Designed based on feedback from the Phase One Certified Professional program, this is an Apple Pro keyboard featuring an original ultrathin anodized aluminum enclosure–just like lots of Apple products. It’s got color-coded keys so you can remember things like flagging a photo with green, red, or yellow markers. It’s also pretty huge as you can tell. If you’re working on an iMac and have the space on your desk, it will seem to make a whole lot of sense unless you’re a bigger fan of the more petite Apple wireless keyboard that works via Bluetooth.

If you’re primarily someone who works off of a laptop and hooks yours up to an external display to have a second monitor, then I’m not sure this is the option for you. The most ideal editing scenario though is with a big, giant screen, and so this seems like a perfect addition to your editing space.

According to the press release:

“The Capture One Pro keyboard for Mac is now available to support three languages (American and British English and German). Additional language support will be available upon request. The Capture One Pro keyboard is priced at 139 USD / 129 Euro (plus VAT where applicable) and is available now from authorized Phase One dealers worldwide.”

Personally speaking, I’m really excited that Phase One and Capture One Pro are getting a lot more support and growth. I’m hoping for a cloud/monthly subscription of some sort that allows me to edit my images on the go, on top of faster support for cameras and opening the software up to working with other medium format camera manufacturers.