Japan Camera Hunter Street Pan 400 Film is Coming in 120 Format Before Year’s End (EXCLUSIVE)

It’s no secret that Japan Camera Hunter Street Pan 400 film has become very popular with street photographers and just those curious about film. It’s available in 35mm right now, but Bellamy Hunt, the Japan Camera Hunter himself, tells us that it’s coming in 120 and that we should expect it before the end of the year.

Bellamy said he’s going to need to do pre-sales of the film, but that he doesn’t want it to be super expensive. “Likely release is around August at the moment, though there are always holdups. It will definitely be before Christmas,” says Bellamy in an email.

Of course, this is fantastic news. Not only does that mean that Japan Camera Hunter Street Pan 400 is doing well, but it also means we’re getting a new version of the film. This opens it up to being more appealing to other photographers for more than just street photography. Some 120 format cameras like the Lomography LCA 120, Mamiya 7 II, and the Fujifilm GW690 III are okay for street photography. But now it could be seen more in the hands of portrait photographers, studio shooters, and urban geometry photographers due to the tonality rendering things into very deep blacks and very bright whites.

Japan Camera Hunter Street Pan 400 (otherwise known as JCH Street Pan 400) is a recently introduced film that is a resurrected surveillance film and best used at dusk, dawn, and during the winter. The rolls have 36 photos available and acts a lot unlike many of the other traditional black and white films  on the market. Instead, it’s something that behaves a bit more like color negative film. We did a quick comparison of it to Tri-X too.

We talk about this a lot more in our review of Japan Camera Hunter Street Pan 400 film here on the site, and La Noir Image subscribers get an even more in depth review from our six months of testing the film. Subscribers also have a chance to win two packs of Instax Mini Monochrome.

Chris Gampat

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