The New Moment Wide Angle Lens for iPhone 7 Promises Sharper Images

Arguably, the biggest company in mobile photography lenses is Moment: and today they’re announcing a few new products that are bound to be as great as their previous offerings. The company got started on Kickstarter, and it’s where they’re returning to get their newest Wide Angle lens, battery case, and photo case going.

Moment is looking to raise $500,000 in order to make these new products a reality–and it’s very obvious it’s going to be simple for them to do considering just how devout their community is. Tech specs on all their new products are after the jump.


The more we shoot, the more battery we require. Constantly on the go, we don’t always have time to find a wall plug, or space to carry a pocket full of power banks. So we created a new type of battery case, one that brings power and photography together like never before.

Price: $99.99

Color: Black

Devices: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

A Full Battery Charge
Starting with the battery, we wanted a case that lets you shoot all day. One that delivers on the promise of power without the extra bulk.

The iPhone 7+ Case packs a 3500 mAh battery, and the iPhone 7 carries a 2500 mAH battery. Both have more power than the phone batteries themselves, and this translates into more than a 100% recharge of your phone. Using all the available length and width within the case, we focused on adding the thinnest possible battery with maximum performance.

Advanced Battery Controls

The battery case is constantly charging the phone, something customers complain about with other battery cases. It would be like constantly keeping your phone plugged into the wall.

To improve upon this experience we are providing customers control within the Moment App to turn charging on and off. This enables customers to save their back-up battery until they really want to use it.

Works With Your Apple Accessories (except lightning cable headphones)

Where other battery cases use a micro-USB connector and their own power cables, we designed the Battery Photo Case with a lighting connector, enabling you to use your standard Apple cables. Plug your case into the wall to recharge or into your laptop to recharge and sync.

Regardless of connector, third party battery cases can’t pass audio through the connector. This means you can’t use headphones that plug into the lightning port. You can use wireless headphones, which Apple already recommends for the new iPhone 7 devices.

An Electronic DSLR Style Shutter Button

Shooting with a button can be faster than tapping the screen, especially if your subject is moving. And when you’re shooting with one hand, it’s always awkward trying to hold onto the phone and touch the screen at once.

Using the Moment App, you can half-press the shutter button to lock the subject and full press to shoot (photo or video). In the Apple camera app you can full press to shoot. And in both apps, pressing and holding unlocks burst mode.

In the first Moment Case, we had a bluetooth shutter button. In this case, we got rid of bluetooth and redesigned the experience to use the lighting connector. This makes the Moment Shutter button 75% faster than our previous case, now matching the speed of the native camera app.

New Lens Interface

We made mounting a Moment lens easier, stronger, and more reliable.

The larger lens diameter on the iPhone 7 and the dual lenses on the the 7+ forced us to redesign the Moment lens interface. Slightly larger, we now have enough room to make an interface that clicks into place using a spring loaded mechanism. Not only is it easier to mount a Moment lens, but for the first time, you can also put our glass over the Wide or Tele lens on the 7+.

This opens up the ability to take even more creative shots.

Better Camera Strap Attachment

Cameras are meant to be worn, and a phone camera is no exception. No longer stuck in your pocket, you can wear your case on your wrist, around your neck, inside your jacket, or outside your dress.

Thin, Strong And Easy To Shoot

When designing the Battery Photo Case, we wanted to create a camera body that added minimal bulk to your phone, provided enough protection for adventure, and enabled one handed shooting.

The location of the shutter button is always within reach, even for ‘tiny hands.’ In addition, the finely textured surface provides better grip in every kind of weather. Dropped phones can be devastating, but we’re here to help.

Having spent months iterating on the smallest of details, we believe this is the thinnest, most usable battery case available for people who love to take pictures.


The Photo Case is everything we love about minimal photography. Adding only 3mm in thickness to your phone, this is the thinnest lens mountable case we’ve ever made. It’s slim and unobtrusive in your pocket, yet readily available when you want to shoot.

Price: $29.99

Colors: American Dark Walnut OR Black Coated Canvas

Devices: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus


Moment lenses have always been about combining world class lens design with cinema quality glass, to create the best image possible. Our new Moment Wide is without a doubt the best lens we’ve ever made.

Price: $99.99

Devices: Requires a new Moment Photo Case (iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus). Lens works also works with all iPhones, Google Pixel phones, and Galaxy S7s.

Why A New Lens: When Apple introduced iPhone 7, they changed the landscape of mobile photography. Their use of high speed F/1.8, next generation 12MP sensors, and optical image stabilization brought a new level of image quality to your pocket. And although our existing lenses will work with iPhone 7, we ultimately learned that we were maxing out their optical capability. In order to deliver the best quality imaginable, our only choice was to redesign our glass from the ground up.

Sharper Edge To Edge

Using our proprietary design process, we have created a stunning aspheric lens that delivers exceptional edge to edge image quality. This all-glass asphere improves on our already class-leading distortion correction and maintains razor sharp images on iPhone’s F/1.8 aperture.

A Touch Bigger

In order to accommodate the larger iPhone aperture, we made this lens slightly bigger, enabling us to take advantage of every photon without compromise. A larger lens also makes the optics more tolerant to misalignment, so unwanted dark corners are a thing of the past.

By opening up the optics with this lens, we are now able to deliver edge to edge clarity on iPhone 7, Google Pixel, and the Galaxy S7.

New Stronger Interface

Thanks to our amazing customers, we received plenty of feedback about how to make the new lens interface easier to use. With slightly larger tabs, better visual markings, and a spring loaded detent, you will have more confidence when installing and shooting with Moment.
The new lens interface doesn’t just apply to the new Wide Lens. We’ve brought this new interface to our Tele, Superfish, and Macro Lenses.

For existing Moment customers, we created a custom adapter so their existing lenses will work with the new cases.

Alexander Tran (@atranphoto)

If you’re interested in more you can check out the company’s Kickstarter page.

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