Freestyle Photographic Dropped Their Prices on Rollei Film and Developer

Very recently, Freestyle Photographic sent out an email to their customers letting them know about some really super deals on Rollei film. In fact, the prices are better than anything I’ve been able to find on both Amazon and B&H Photo. So whenever I can, I’m all for supporting the little guy.

Not only are the price drops on film though, they’re also on development chemicals.

Rollei Infrared Film shot on the Olympus Trip 35

Now, this isn’t the original Rollei mind you, but if you check out a number of their film emulsions and what they look like on Flickr, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. They’ve got black and white Infrared film, Ortho film, etc. And if you’re looking for other films to experiment and play with besides stuff from Agfa, Fujifilm, or Kodak then you should give these a try.

For the photographer looking to get into analog photography, this is a fantastic reason for you to take the plunge. If one of your complaints is about how expensive it is, it honestly isn’t that bad right now and there are lots of really affordable labs that do a good job overall.

Personally speaking, I’m always really stoked when film prices come down a bit. It means you can grab some and stockpile it in the freezer, then go shoot it as you please. A friend staying over with me this week quite literally said, “You know you’re staying with a photographer when half their freezer has film.” Yup, that’s me!

You can check out a number of their price drops right here.

Image by Martin Brigden

Chris Gampat

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