An Iranian Journey: A Photobook Exploring Youths Navigating Islamic Laws

Photographer Hossein Fatemi and FotoEvidence have been working on a project meant to document and explore youth culture in Iran. You see, Iranian youths seek creative expression but also often balance doing this within “The Islamic State.” To do this, they’re teaming up to create a special photobook, The Iranian Journey. They’re currently seeking funding on Kickstarter to finish its production.

Hossein spent 10 years documenting youth culture in Iran. The Kickstarter states, “Many people he photographed live divided lives: a modest and devout public life and a different life in private that reflects their real feelings and desires.” In fact, Hossein isn’t allowed to return to Iran since publishing the photos. He lives in the United States.

This is an expensive photobook considering the goals, so they’re surely looking to go big here. The book will contain 80 full page color images, be hard bound, and will be printed on Sappi Magnum Volume paper at Ofset Yapimevi in Istanbul, where all of FotoEvidence’s high-quality photography books are printed.

Considering the Kickstarter video, you can tell that a lot of personal, intimate, and high quality images will be created in this book. They’ll surely be worth studying and a documentary project spanning 10 years surely deserves this amount of money. Not many other folks have done a project like this, and hopefully it will get people thinking in a different way.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.