Infographic: 10 Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram

Stock Photo collection Alamy has just released an infographic highlighting the most popular hashtags on Instagram. Photographers looking to keep their photography on trend on the popular social media app may find some of the hashtags useful and wish to integrate them into their current marketing. Alamy’s infographic is also unique in that it not only looks at the most popular hashtags in Instagram’s history but also picks out 10 of the most popular ones of all time. Their goal is to help photographers stay in the know and keep track of the most common mobile photography trends.

As you can see from the list, some of the hashtags are a bit more pedestrian vs the ones that many photographers themselves would come up with. For example, very few photographers shoot an image of their clients and tag it with “love.” But as is evident, fashion, food, nature, and cute animals are a major trend in Instagram. With that said, one could possibly conclude that the best photographers on Instagram shoot food, the great outdoors, fashion, and pet portraits.

This could be true, but the fact is most of the biggest accounts are models, news agencies, celebrities, etc.

What’s surprising is that despite how many people love to go sneak into places and take selfies at crazy heights above cities, it’s probably not worth the climb or risking your life. Some of the popular hashtags associated with it like Urbex aren’t on there. However, you could probably go ahead and bring a cute animal all the way up there with you and tag your post as #cute.

Don’t do that. Please don’t do that…