This Selection of Photos by the BBC Has One Major Problem

At the start of December, the BBC released an article looking at the most striking images of 2021. Few of the photographs painted a positive image of the world. However, that’s something we should expect, considering how mainstream media uses photography to tell stories. That’s not to say the images were bad. They have their place, and each photographer succeeded in documenting monumental moments in 2021, no matter how negative they are.

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Travel and Lifestyle Top Alamy’s 2018 Image Trends

Travel and lifestyle dominate Alamy’s image trend findings for 2018.

UK-based stock image provider Alamy has recently chimed in with their insights into the most popular stock photography trends as of the start of 2018. If you’re among the photographers in the UK and US who regularly contribute to the stock image site, you might want to learn about their fearless forecast.

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Infographic: 10 Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram

Stock Photo collection Alamy has just released an infographic highlighting the most popular hashtags on Instagram. Photographers looking to keep their photography on trend on the popular social media app may find some of the hashtags useful and wish to integrate them into their current marketing. Alamy’s infographic is also unique in that it not only looks at the most popular hashtags in Instagram’s history but also picks out 10 of the most popular ones of all time. Their goal is to help photographers stay in the know and keep track of the most common mobile photography trends.

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Infographic: When Do You Need a Model Release?



The issue of needing a model release is a big one amongst many photographers. Lucky for you, the folks over at Alamy recently pieced together a new infographic explaining whether you need one or not. It breaks the categories into Editorial or Commercial. From there, they break it down into different situations.