Marcin Sacha’s Surreal Photographs Use Paper, Clay, Bricks and Molds

All images by Marcin Sacha. Used under a Creative Commons license. 

Surrealism photography is a unique genre in photography that explores the resolve to contradictory relationship between dream and reality. Marcin Sacha has proven that visual art has no boundaries when it comes to creative imaginations as he brings them to life in his surrealism photo series called, “The Phantom Of Liberty.”

Hailing from Tarnow, Poland, Marcin Sacha believes photography is not merely a way to capture the world as he sees it, but is a form of escape from reality and a way to experience true freedom. To Marcin, the world he sees is a strange place full of mystery which is not fully understood, and that is the central theme underlying all the images in the series shown here. While he celebrates the beauty of the world inhabited by people surrounded in dangerous and inhumane forms, he feels that they have become strangers, hence there is the sense of something being out of place running through all his images. 

To create the visual graphics and background in his images, Marcin often used paper, clay, bricks m, and hand-prepared ceramic molds. He conceptualized the illusion of space on a flat surface by creative play of light and shadow to bring out interesting and abstract forms. Strong visualization of the surreal world and clever, seamless integration of real life objects into his composite images resulted in a breathtakingly dreamlike reality. Furthermore, the full presentation in black and white was effective in enhancing the bold shapes, forms, lines, and textures that added layers of realism to the images. With the absence of colors, the images draw the attention of the viewer directly to the surreal mood and tone.

You can find more of Marcin Sacha’s work at his website here.