Flat Facades In Contemporary Architecture Turned Into Work Of Art

Images by Mattia Mognetti. Used under a Creative Commons license. 

Mattia Mognetti from Italy explores elements of De Stijl and Suprematism in his photo project titled “Post-Plasticism.” He was largely inspired by Mondrian’s De Stijl (or Neo-Plasticism) and Malevich’s Russian Suprematism.

De Stijl, also known as Neo-Plasticism, is the style of pure abstraction and universality by a simplification to the essentials of form and color; they reduced  visual compositions to basic vertical and horizontal components, using only black, white and primary colors.

Typically the photographs depicting this unique style are taken with the lens facing the flat surface of contemporary architecture elements. It takes a creative and imaginative eye to visualize the appropriate framing and composition. Mattia Mognetti shows his great talent by beautifully capturing facades of building walls consisting of concrete, steel and glass, blending their unique shapes, lines and repetitive patterns together in harmony.

You may find out more of Mattia Mognetti’s photography work here.

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