Dariusz Klimczak: Black and White Theatre of Dreams

All images by Dariusz Klimczak. Used with permission.Dariusz Klimczak is a Polish photographer who specializes in creating melancholic, introspective surreal images. Klimaczak’s style focuses on the use of black & white surreal imagery within a square frame often emphasizing his subjects interaction with negative space. His work combines signs, symbolism, landscapes, portraits, as well as digital art to draw his viewer into his world; one where a person must find their place within the desolate and at times lonely spaces. In our latest interview we find out what he’s been working on since that interview and where he believes the art form is headed.

Image Courtesy of Dariusz Klimczak

Image Courtesy of Dariusz Klimczak

Your work has featured on The Phoblographer a couple of years back, at the time you were working with surreal images with a dark mood to them. What have you been working on since that feature? Your latest work has a similar tone but more prominently features the female form. Can you talk a bit more about the inspiration for this series of images and how the female shapes your vision?

For many years, my works are kept in a surrealistic mood. I like dark, melancholic atmosphere – it makes for reflection and meditation, and important to me that my pictures told stories and provoked thoughts. I love to photograph women – I am a seeker of beauty. I realize now a series of photomontages in which the landscape is built on the basis of fragments of the female body. The woman is for me an inexhaustible source of inspiration. I like open spaces, it is in a sense a metaphor for freedom. Man should find its place in space, about this I’m trying to telling stories.

Image Courtesy of Dariusz Klimczak

Image Courtesy of Dariusz Klimczak

Can you walk us through your process from concept to execution? What elements are key to making striking compositions like those on your site?

I usually start with the landscape. I’m looking at unreal landscapes, which in themselves constitute a natural inspiration to create on their basis of the “new world”. I like contrasts, for example thick-thin, small-big, dark-light. The combination of the contrast elements always creates tension, needed for this to work strongly influenced by the recipient. There isn’t just the one key, one method for it to create evocative, a picture story. I often operate with symbols, simple graphic signs, such lonely tree, man, home, road. It archetypes known and recognized worldwide. As a result, I manage to reach the audience even from different cultures, who grew up in a different world than I do.If you could choose a single image to be remembered for, which would it be?

I’m not their favorite work, though I have great affection for the series with people on stilts. I chose to work “Theater of Dreams”, because it was one of the first in this series. For a long time he hung in my room.

Klimczak has been a photographer for over 30 years and has won multiple prestigious awards from Kodak, Photo.net, Adore Noir and he has organized 21 solo-exhibitions internationally. You can find more of his work on Klimczak’s website.

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