Dariusz Klimczak: Black and White Theatre of Dreams

All images by Dariusz Klimczak. Used with permission.Dariusz Klimczak is a Polish photographer who specializes in creating melancholic, introspective surreal images. Klimaczak’s style focuses on the use of black & white surreal imagery within a square frame often emphasizing his subjects interaction with negative space. His work combines signs, symbolism, landscapes, portraits, as well as digital art to draw his viewer into his world; one where a person must find their place within the desolate and at times lonely spaces. In our latest interview we find out what he’s been working on since that interview and where he believes the art form is headed.

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Dariusz Klimczak’s Surreal Images Will Inspire Your Darker Half

empty nest

All images by Dariusz Klimczak. Used with permission.

Dariusz Klimczak is a Polish photographer with an eye for the surreal. Since 1990 he has won award after award from Kodak, Photo.net, Adore Noir, and has had exhibitions internationally. He uses his 5D Mk III and Photoshop CS6 to create photomontages that display a world that seems like it was out of one of Tim Burton’s darkest dreams. Dariusz states that he has no idols or mentors because he purposely tried not to copy anyone else. Instead, he gets inspired by his own work to create other things–specifically citing landscapes, textures, and architectural details.

“I always wanted to develop their own photographic language, a kind of visual Esperanto, characteristic only for me.” says Klimczak. “I work consistently and systematically to try to continue to develop and diversify my workshop. I develop photographic cycles, but also looking for new themes. Imagination has no limits, so I can say that I have a job for life.”

Klimczak also believes that he doesn’t create anything special and that instead he just tries to move the idea from his head to the computer screen though sometimes with difficulty. Creating work like this can sometimes make an original concept change to suit the project.

Here are some of Dariusz’s other photos.

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