Charming Photo Series Showcases The Smiling Personas of the Elderly

Images by Ilya Nodia and Irina Muravyova. Used under a Creative Commons License. 

A smile is probably the most common trait to us humans, and it is a universal language that never gets old. Ilya Nodia was invited by the Senior Group to shoot a small photo project with them, capturing beautiful and very touching smiles of the elders.

This project takes Ilya to several nursing home visits, spending a few hours in each home shooting portraits of the elders in their cozy living space which was briefly turned into a mobile photography studio. The elders had so much fun putting on straw hats, powdering their cheeks, and looking their best for the photo shoot. Most importantly, Ilya managed to capture the great atmosphere created by the bright, dazzling smiles of his aged models that never grow old. 

Ilya used a plain background to isolate the elderly men and women in his frame, and filled in with carefully executed external lighting to create a flattering, soft look in his portraits. He intentionally placed his subjects right in the middle of his tight framing to draw the viewer’s attention directly into the radiant smile itself. This simplistic and straight to the point approach works effectively in delivering the message that a smile is both simple and beautiful. The portraits show the very human and fragile side of the elders, strong in spirit and enthusiasm with their charismatic smiles.

You may view the original photo gallery published here.