Using Snapseed to Quickly Enhance Colors in Your Smartphone Images

One of the quickest and most effective methods to add drama and “pop” to a photograph taken by a mobile phone is having enhanced colors. Lots of photographers use Snapseed, and some say that it is probably one of the best tool available now to add impact in the colors of your images with the plethora of controls and options available.

Instead of just applying filters hoping for the best results to match the particular image thrown into the app, Snapseed is one of those apps that allows tones of controls and fine adjustments to taste. In the video tutorial shared below, tips on how to utilize the Drama effect to quickly enhance the overall look of an image, combined with the adjustments of saturation to boost the richness of colors, use of Glamor Glow effect to soften the image if necessary or HDRscape to add structure to the overall toning of the image, you will surely find something you can apply to your own post-processing in your smart devices to add the finishing touch to your mobile photography.