From Russia With Love: The Best Russian Photographers We’ve Featured

Russia is home to around 115 million people. The country is full of mountainous zones and exquisitely designed buildings, making it perfect for locals to learn the craft. Many Russian photographers have left their nest and gone elsewhere, but they’re still flying the flag for their home nation, showing the rest of the world that Russia means business in the world of photography.

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5 Photographers Go High to Create Marvelous Rooftop Photos

Rooftops are the ideal vantage point for making photographs from a different perspective. While the world goes about its day, the rooftop photographer can document what’s going on, without anyone knowing they’re there. Rooftop photos aren’t only about looking down. The pinnacle point of a building is also a cool location for conceptual photography. We’re going to take a look at it all in this article, bringing you the very best of the rooftop photos we’ve published over the years.

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Ilya Nodia Creates a Cinematic Batman Cosplay Shoot With Video Lights

All photos by Ilya Nodia. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Cosplay photography has been one of the most popular portrait photography sub-genres for a good reason: it helps bring to life the world’s most popular and well-loved superheroes. However, as any cosplayer and photographer will tell you, it’s often not as simple as getting someone to dress up as their favorite comic book character and photographing them in it. There’s also the task of making everything in the photo as convincing as possible. This is where the cosplayer-photographer tandem is put to the test: the cosplayer in how detail-oriented and accurate his portrayal is, and the photographer in how well he is able to set the scene and tell the story. Today, we take a look at how Russian photographer Ilya Nodia achieves this with his cinematic take on a Batman cosplay shoot.

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Charming Photo Series Showcases The Smiling Personas of the Elderly

Images by Ilya Nodia and Irina Muravyova. Used under a Creative Commons License. 

A smile is probably the most common trait to us humans, and it is a universal language that never gets old. Ilya Nodia was invited by the Senior Group to shoot a small photo project with them, capturing beautiful and very touching smiles of the elders.

This project takes Ilya to several nursing home visits, spending a few hours in each home shooting portraits of the elders in their cozy living space which was briefly turned into a mobile photography studio. The elders had so much fun putting on straw hats, powdering their cheeks, and looking their best for the photo shoot. Most importantly, Ilya managed to capture the great atmosphere created by the bright, dazzling smiles of his aged models that never grow old.  Continue reading…