This Leica M7 Titanium Edition Kit Will Cost You Almost $200,000

As if the rare Leica we reported on yesterday wasn’t enough, there’s currently an even more expensive deal going on right now for a rare Leica M7 Titanium edition three lens kit with the box. The price: so far it’s at $199,500.

Yes, you can have this very rare set rendered in titanium and introduced in 2004. In fact, according to the post, only 50 pieces were ever created. Not only are you getting the M7 though, you’re also scoring a 28mm f2, 50mm f1.4 and 90mm f2 lens. All of these are very highly regarded amongst the Leica community–and though you may probably not want to or care about using them at this price point, the set is pretty pricy.


According to the listing:

All outer parts are made of titanium. Also a thin layer of silicon dioxide on the lens body was added to keep unwanted prints from fingertips away. All lenses have the same unique limited number as the camera. The first set for example has number 1954/28 on the 28mm Summicron-M lens. Other lens numbers for that set are 1954/50 and 1954/90. Where the Leica 28mm f2 Summicron-M lens comes with an external titanium hood the other 2 lenses have built in lens hoods. All 3 lenses have solid titanium front lens caps. A very nice Rimowa case comes with the set. The case, made from aluminum but painted with titanium color, allows the titanium body and lenses to lie comfortably inside. Extremely rare set. If you were ever looking for a set like this this is your chance. Set is in mint condition with no mentionable signs of use. Lens elements are clean. Technically in perfect working condition. No dings or dents. Complete with strap, hardcover book and manual, papers (not all small booklets are present), certificate and box. Don’t be too late!

Pretty insane, huh?

The starting price as of publishing this post is a bit under $200,000 but it’s bound to be on the rise.

Chris Gampat

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