Canvas Prints: The Badge of Honor for Photographers

Every time I print something with the intent on hanging it in my own apartment as a decoration, I always choose canvas for great reasons. Providing that they have a matte finish, they absorb light very well–and if you don’t have gallery style lighting (and I doubt you do) then it offers you the most versatility overall. The tradeoff: the can be much more expensive than a print…usually.

Then there’s; a service that wants to offer you the best option possible at the lowest price possible.

Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored post from Canvas DiscountAs with all sponsored posts, I’ve worked on this one myself and the words are truly my own.

When you print, you typically think about paper of all types. There are matte, luster, glossy, metallic, etc. Paper prints tend to be fragile and usually need to be put behind glass in a frame for some sort of protection unless you have a special matte screen. And like other pieces of artwork, it can be tough to clean and maintain in your apartment or home.


On the other hand, canvases are much different in the same way that printing on glass, metal, and wood are. With a canvas you get the quality of the other stuff but with the versatility of paper. Canvas prints also look so great because the frame is put behind the photo with it stretched around. Then you simply connect some hanging wire to the back of the frame and let it hang off of a small reinforced nail in your wall. Ideally, no one even sees the hanging job that you’ve done.


Additionally, typical canvas prints don’t have the super reflective properties that most Luster and Glossy paper have. So instead, they’re best placed closest to a large light source delivering plenty of luminance like a window, a lamp, etc. This lets your canvas get the most light that it can possibly absorb and will then make the viewing experience better for you and your guests. With that in mind, you’re less like to get any sort of glare off of your canvas–and that makes them easier to hang. Super reflective papers need to be showcased right underneath a bright light source to be most effective–and that’s why gallery lighting is often directly overhead the pieces of work. But canvas can be done by simply blasting it directly with light; which ends up being a much better option for apartment and home use.

Canvas Discount uses a special PureWhite™ canvas that is developed for HP Latex printing technology and is HP Latex certified. They even have a special patented coating that they put on 300gr/m2 strength canvas–which is one of the other reasons why they’re just so good. Canvas prints are very durable and less likely to rip, tear, etc exception through direct impact onto the main surface or if the frame breaks.


For the best results when printing on a canvas, you should always try to brighten the image a bit more because the printed final version will always come out just a bit darker than normal.

In today’s day and age where printing images is down overall, it can be tough to get people emotionally excited about your work. We’re all so used to seeing photos on a screen but viewing images on canvas in the same way that you would view a beautiful coffee table book is exciting and eye-catching. One of the first things everyone notices about your apartment or home are what’s on the walls. If you’re a passionate photographer, you really should have those excellent badges of honor on your wall.


Seriously, how else is someone supposed to know what type of work you can do as soon as they walk in?

Each canvas is hand stretched in America. Based out of Miami, FL and with a quick 24 hour business day turnaround and eco-friendly parameters being involved in the creation of each canvas, it just makes sense for you to purchase one…or three.

So go ahead and check out They’re so budget friendly you honestly don’t even need a discount code.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.