This SUPER FREAKIN’ COOL Leica CL Dealer Poster is For Auction at the Tamarkin Rare Camera Auction in November

Screenshot taken from the Tamarkin Rare Camera Auction catalog

The Leica CL is arguably one of the most popular Leica cameras due to its affordability, so the film geeks in the audience are going to truly appreciate this Leica CL Dealer Poster available at the Tamarkin Rare Camera Auction coming this November. The auction is famous for finding and selling some of the coolest stuff to the highest bidders. I’ve seen some extremely rare Leica pieces auctioned off there and in November this year, they’re auctioning off this and a few other really cool pieces from Zeiss, Leitz, and so much more.

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Review: Canon 6D Mk II

I want to get something straight that not a lot of reviews are putting out there: the Canon 6D Mk II isn’t a bad camera, in fact for most people, it will be a pretty darned good one. But for the rest of us who are at a point where we are demanding more from our cameras and image quality, we shouldn’t even be looking at this one. In many ways, the Canon 6D Mk II is the modern Canon full frame Rebel. What do I mean by that? Canon has squarely given the camera enough features to please the folks who just want to move up to full frame and their current lineup of users. There’s nothing incredibly revolutionary about it and the folks at the NYTimes aren’t bound to write praises about it; but at the same time it isn’t a terrible camera at all.

But in every single way, it isn’t something I’d recommend to any sort of working pro or semi-professional except for perhaps portrait photographers.

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Memorywall Transforms Your Wall into A Dynamic Photo Display

If you’re looking for an eye-catching way to display your photos but the usual frame won’t do, Memorywall may be the creative solution that could do the trick for you. The fun frame promises to bring any wall to life with their dynamic frames that you can maneuver into any shape you want for a 3D effect.

Memorywall is an interactive display frame which is comprised of a base and four square picture mounts. The picture mounts are held by extendable arms which can be adjusted at different angles and heights. You can create a display as big as you want, as you can connect multiple bases to cover any wall or surface area. According to the makers of Memorywall, this can get really addicting since the bigger your display, the more dramatic it looks.

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What You Need to Know About Instant Film: The Beginner’s Guide to Polaroid Film, Fujifilm Instax, Impossible Project, and More.

When you think about instant film cameras, folks often say Polaroids, Instax, etc. But the truth is that not a lot of people truthfully know the difference between all the various options from manufacturers. Why? Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of it coming from the mainstream press. Many people just don’t understand Instant film–for years folks used it for fun and just to see what the images would look like when they got back to shooting their negative films.

So to help everyone out, here’s what you need to know.

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Dress Up Your Space with These Beautiful Wood Prints from WhiteWall

Images from WhiteWall Online Photo Lab

The award-winning WhiteWall Online Photo Lab has recently included a Direct Print On Wood service to its growing product portfolio, offering another unique way for photographers to display their prized photos. While we’re all fond of sharing our photos online, there’s still no better way to showcase and admire our own work than having them on print or on display. If you fancy putting your photos on display in a more eye-catching way, using vintage frames has become a popular option. Or, you can simply get wood prints — yes, you can have photos printed directly on wood for a nature-inspired and rustic look. The Berlin-based company has also been known for printing on other materials and formats such as acrylic glass, metal, and canvas, making this new product an interesting addition to the list.

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Tips on How to Make Money as a Landscape Photographer

One of the most difficult things to do as a landscape photographer is making money. For many, it trumps being able to figure out the perfect exposure to use and the right time to wake up to catch the sunrise. Lots of photographers used to sell stock photography and yet others do sales of prints. So if you're looking for ways to make money, consider thinking just a bit different.

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Review: Polaroid Snap Touch

It took a while for me to wrap my head around the Polaroid Snap Touch–and it’s not because I’m not accepting to what they’re doing. It’s more because of the fact that they’re finding a way to appeal to the Snapchat generation in the form of a camera. Personally, I don’t use Snapchat and never used it for anything else besides dating. When it comes to instant film cameras, I prefer, well, instant film. That’s one of the biggest issues right here. The Polaroid Snap Touch doesn’t use actual Polaroid film or even anything close to it. Instead, it uses zInk paper and has a printer built into the camera. You could say that it helped influence the Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10. And even then, I’m really not the customer for a camera like that simply because I know what’s possible with the actual film.

For those of you who aren’t aware, I’m one of the mods for R/Polaroid–and without a doubt we’re a bunch that don’t really accept what Polaroid has become. Make no mistake, all that the Polaroid Snap Touch is is a camera with a printer inside of it. It isn’t a true Polaroid in any right.

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SwapSnap Wants to Take Hammer and Nails Out of Hanging Your Photos

If you’re one of those people who’s been awoken in the middle of the night by a photo falling off of your wall, you may want to consider what SwapSnap is trying to offer. Essentially, they’re a photo printing company that is trying to let you print your images with them and hang the images on your wall without damaging your walls. Essentially, the system uses a grippy surface that sticks to your wall and then uses magnets to hold the photos up. You can then place photos slightly over one another in an overlay fashion.

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