Broncolor’s New Siros L Promises 440 Full Power Flashes on One Charge

Today, Broncolor is making a new addition to their super high end lighting in the form of the Siros L. They’re billing it as a light for photographer who want no compromises.

For starters, it’s boasting lithium ion tech, ECTC tech, and can produce 440 full power flashes on a single charge. Beyond that, it’s also got a flash duration of up to 1/19,000 and promises consistent color temperature output through the entire range of its power.

More details from the press release are after the jump.

Siros L is a true Broncolor unit, produced for ambitious professional photographers who do not want to make any compromises. Most modern lithium ion technology paired with the ECTC technology known from our high-end power packs makes it possible: 440 flashes with full power, flash duration up to 1/19,00 (t 0.5) and, of course, guaranteed constant color temperature over the entire control range.

Siros L is an absolute mobile unit, either outdoor or on location and corresponds with the photographer’s need for more mobility. However, Siros L can also be optimally used as an additional unit with a Broncolor studio equipment. The 25 watt LED modules offer a bright modeling light with a color temperature of 3000 K. The quality is comparable with the modeling light of our AC powered units.

From the sales launch, Siros L will be available in two power levels, 400 joules and 800 joules. The 400 J version with the smaller dimensions and weight is the option for photographers who are often on the move. The 800 J version is made for photographers who refuse to compromise also with regard to power.

Speed mode (flash times)


2 (1 J)
3 (3 J)
4 (6 J)
5 (12 J)
6 (25 J)
7 (50 J)
8 (100 J) 9 (200 J) 10 (400 J)

t 0.1 (t 0.5) – Speed mode

1/9’000 s (1/19’000 s) 1/8’500 s (1/17’500 s) 1/8’200 s (1/16’000 s) 1/8’000 s (1/15’500 s) 1/7’200 s (1/12’000 s)

1/4’600 s (1/7’000 s) 1/3’000 s (1/3’600 s) 1/1’550 s (1/1’600 s) 1/400 s (1/1’250 s)


2 (3 J)
3 (6 J)
4 (13 J)
5 (25 J)
6 (50 J)
7 (100 J) 8 (200 J) 9 (400 J) 10 (800 J)

t 0.1 (t 0.5) – Speed mode

1/8’700 s (1/18’000 s) 1/8’300 s (1/16’000 s) 1/7’800 s (1/14’500 s) 1/7’300 s (1/13’000 s)

1/5’000 s (1/7’200 s) 1/3’200 s (1/4’100 s) 1/1’800 s (1/2’100 s)

1/800 s (1/900 s) 1/250 s (1/700 s)

Flash energy

400 J

800 J

f-stop at 2 m distance, 100 ISO

with re ector L40 with re ector P70

22 5/10 32 5/10

32 8/10 45 6/10

Flash duration t 0.1 (t 0.5)

min. energy max. energy

with optimum colour temperature 1/6’200 s (1/11’300 s)
1/400 s (1/1’200 s)

with optimum colour temperature 1/4’400 s (1/7’400 s)
1/250 s (1/700 s)

Charging time (at 28.8 V)
(for 100% of selected energy) eco-mode

0.04–1.9s 0.03–1.2s

0.05–4.3s 0.03–2.7s

Number of flashes per battery charge

440 at full energy

220 at full energy

Setting range for flash energy

up to 9 f-stops in 1/10 th. or full f-stop steps 2–400J


Colour temperature

max. energy/P70



Modelling light Colour temperature

Remote control Other features

Weight unit (without battery) Weight battery
Operating temperature range Scope of delivery: Outdoor Kit 2

25W LED 3’000 K

25W LED 3’000 K

Flash release

Manual trigger button, photocell, sync cable, with integral broncolor RFS 2.1

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