While in Mid Air, Bradley Wentzel Photographs Planes Like No Other

All images by Bradley Wentzel. Used with permission. Be sure to follow him on Instagram.

Most folks try to photograph other airplanes from the ground, but Bradley Wentzel is a special type of creative. He photographs from the air. This isn’t just a photography job, but also one of complete orchestration. “Directing aircraft in flight was the biggest learning curve,” says Brad. “With most other subject matter, you have the freedom to walk around, crouch, move forward and backwards, etc. pretty freely, but when you are in the air with another aircraft, those basic functions can become difficult. There’s no room for guess work or error when planes are just a few feet away from each other so there is a lot of planning ahead of time with all of the pilots and people involved.” If that doesn’t sound like a lot of pressure to you, then we’re not sure what does. In fact, I originally thought Bradley was piloting and photographing at the same time. But this sounds even more intense.

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Inside the Photographer’s Mind: Lois Greenfield

Dance Photographer Lois Greenfield told us she’s been shooting more or less the same way since she started.

On our latest episode of Inside the Photographer’s Mind, Lois Greenfield graced us with her presence, knowledge, and overall creative thought process. Lois started out in photography as a photojournalist in theaters, but then she decided to do a different type of work in studios. Of any modern dance photographer, Lois is truly one of a kind. I reference this heavily in our interview. While Lois started out in film, shooting with a Hasselblad camera and Broncolor Lights mostly with black and white film, since moving to digital, she’s been able to do much more.

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Broncolor’s New Siros L Promises 440 Full Power Flashes on One Charge

Today, Broncolor is making a new addition to their super high end lighting in the form of the Siros L. They’re billing it as a light for photographer who want no compromises.

For starters, it’s boasting lithium ion tech, ECTC tech, and can produce 440 full power flashes on a single charge. Beyond that, it’s also got a flash duration of up to 1/19,000 and promises consistent color temperature output through the entire range of its power.

More details from the press release are after the jump.

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The New Broncolor FT Lighting System is Pretty Genius


While camera and lens companies continue to innovate, we also think that it’s great that lighting companies are also trying to do the same. Today’s announcement of the Broncolor FT lighting system has to be one the more brilliant and efficient use of lighting that we’ve seen in a while.

In essence, the system uses an actual Parabolic umbrella with adjustable light throw and a light tube that evenly spreads the light out throughout the umbrella. This is far different from a flash head that directly blasts light forward because it’s blasting light out in all directions and evenly illuminating the light modifier.

According to Broncolor’s Press release:

“what makes this unique is the new Para system uses a series of interchangeable Focusing Tubes. An FT focusing tube supports, positions and transfers power to the FT 1600W HMI and a 2000W Tungsten heads. The FT tube is wired for a lamp head with electrical connections integrated into the tube…The F tubes are designed for use with strobe heads or other third party fixtures that can be attached with the screw mount or by using one of the many attachment baskets made by broncolor.”

As for the products, the announcement focuses on the FT 1600 HMI system that boasts a lamp head and focusing tubes meant to to be used with the new Broncolor 88 HR and 133 HR Paras–which are said to be able to handle lots of heat that monolights output. In fact, Broncolor says that they can handle up to 2000W tungsten-halogen light sources.

With the parabolic umbrellas and the tubes working together, you essentially have two different variables that can control the flash exposure. Of course, there is the actual flash output but there is also the parabolic umbrella that acts as a zoom head akin to what you have on a hot shoe flash or to specifically shaped umbrella reflectors on more traditional studio strobes. The more narrow the beam due to the more narrow parabolic configuration, the more powerful it will look vs it being spread over a large area.

We’ve got no word on pricing yet, but considering that Broncolor offers the top of the line when it comes to lighting gear, don’t expect them to be cheap.

Broncolor Has a New Softbox System

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 9.12.20 AM

Broncolor is known to be the creme de la creme of the lighting industry, and now they’re announcing a new softbox system with loads of different flashes and studio strobes. The new softboxes let you layer three diffusers over one another and have color codings on the speedring to make the softbox assembly easier. They also come in different shapes such as square, rectangle, octagonal and strips. Lastly, the company is talking about a special internal coating that maximizes light output.

The softboxes come in the following sizes:

Strip: 1 ft by 3.9 ft, 3.9 ft by 5.9 ft, 3 ft by 3.9 ft

Square: 2 ft x 2 ft, 3.3 ft by 3.3 ft

Rectangle: 1.2 ft x 2 ft, 2 ft by 3.3 ft

Octa: 2.5 ft and 4.9 ft

No word on pricing or availability yet, but don’t expect them to be cheap.

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