We’ve Got Two Contests Going on Right Now: Why Not Enter?

If you want to win a couple of really cool things, you should check out our two contests going on. Check these out after the jump!

R/Polaroid and the Impossible Project

We’re teaming up with the subreddit R/Polaroid to give away four packs of Impossible Project film in black and white and color (two of each) shipped anywhere in the world and whatever format you need (except large format.) The film is generously being donated by the Impossible Project America!

So how do you enter? Details are after the jump.

  • Join the r/Polaroid Subreddit
  • Upload your image to Imgur (as per what Reddit requests) and post your favorite original instant film photo with the title “Contest Entry: (insert name of your image here)”
  • Entrants are allowed to submit as many images as they wish as long as they are original and actual instant film photos

Contest starts April 25th 12 AM EST and ends May 9th 11:59PM EST.

The mods of R/Polaroid will then decide on what image wins and announce the winner the next week after the contest ends. Then we’ll contact you, get your shipping details and send it off.


PhotoCrowd and La Noir Image: Black and White

Check out the contest here. Details are below.

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There’s only one rule in this challenge: make it a black and white! We’ve teamed up with the fantastic La Noir Image – a documentation dedicated to monochrome photography that’s run by The Phoblographer editor, Chris Gampat – and want to see your best black and white shots, whatever the subject. Subscriptions to La Noir Image will be given to the winners, and you can have your image printed in the magazine.

Please also note that La Noir Image is currently seeking funding to become an electronic magazine like you’ve never seen before. For less money than the price of a good glass of whiskey, you can get more inspiration for an entire year.

How it Works

Every photo submitted will be available for the crowd to rate once the submissions period has ended. You can see all the images uploaded to a challenge, but will need to rate them to see how they’re ranked once the rating period begins.

Some challenges on Photocrowd are also judged by an expert. After the submission period closes the expert judge will choose their favourite images and writes some image reviews. The crowd and expert results will be announced on the same day.

Entries close 31 May 2016
Rating 31 May 2016 to 7 June 2016
Winners announced 7 June 2016

The Prize

The expert’s first choice will win a one year premium subscription to La Noir Image which includes one issue a month and six special issues. The crowd’s first place will win a one year subscription to the magazine when it comes out, which includes one issue a month. In addition, Chris Gampat, the editor and founder of La Noir Image, will pick his favourite five entries to be featured in the magazine.

La Noir Image is entering its second phase by launching a Kickstarter initiative to fund the development of a fantastic, interactive e-magazine for iOS devices, with planned expansion into Android in 2017.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.