The Difficulty of Shooting Photos in the Streets with Large Format

When it comes to shooting large format photos, many photographers know that the larger the format becomes, the more difficult it is to shoot generally. But two photographers by the name of Seth and Cecil went to the streets of LA to take portraits on the streets. Seems simple, right?

While the video after the jump will make it look simple, it’s really not.

Via ISO 1200

The video is cut down to a single minute but the truth is that it can take longer than a minute to actually take a photo. The process is similar to the larger types of medium format photography:

  • Finding a place with a consistent exposure
  • Setting up the camera
  • Setting up the monolight/flash
  • Focusing
  • Posing the subject
  • Metering the scene for ambient light
  • Metering the scene for flash output
  • Figuring out the exposure
  • Putting the film in the camera
  • Making last minute adjustments and paying attention the the highlights, shadows, focusing, the subject’s posture and movements, etc.
  • Adjusting the flash light output just a bit more based on your creative vision
  • Shoot

It’s a consistent process that you need to be very in-tune with.