Reports State the Sony a9 Could Have an 80MP Full Frame Sensor

Not long ago, the folks over at Sony Alpha Rumors got new information on a very high end Sony mirrorless camera called the Sony a9–that in some ways would mirror the Sony a99 as a flagship mirrorless camera. And now, they’ve got the word that the new sensor could be anywhere from 70-80 megapixels; though it could learn more towards being a bit above 60MP.

Crazy, huh? If that’s correct and combined with the word of an unlimited RAW burst, then this absolutely will be a giant gamer changer. Imagine 80MP sports images!

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Sony A7r Mk II first impressions (1 of 8)ISO 8001-60 sec at f - 6.3

Right now, Canon is leading the megapixel race with 50MP in the Canon 5Ds and Canon 5Ds R; but Sony is close with the Sony a7r II. At the same time though, it makes sense to start thinking about new hard drives, how much trouble Lightroom and computers may have in processing the images because there is so much information that can cause a slowdown, and who exactly needs 80MP.

As it is, no monitor can resolve an 80MP file. But a camera like this could potentially have lots of dynamic range and be designed for studio and landscape use just like the Canon 5D Mk II was when it initially came out. On that train of thought, it would make a lot of sense as Sony is also showing that they’re getting more serious about the strobist game with their new wireless flash radio transmitter and receiver. With this being a Photokina year, we’re bound to see new strobes with radios built in.

Chris Gampat

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