Canon Announces 7 Series Rangefinder with Leica Mount


If Canon’s new announcement today is anything hinting towards the future, then Photokina is bound to be quite an interesting time in the camera industry. Today, the company announced the Canon 7 rangefinder camera sporting a Leica screwmount lens mount. The camera is designed to appeal to those of us who love rangefinder ergonomics: such as the photojournalists in the crowd.

But that’s not all that may appeal to the Canon camera users out there.

The Canon 7 takes 35mm film and offers ISO capabilities of ISO 6 to ISO 400–which the company claims will allow photographers lots of versatility when shooting. This camera also sports an forward film advance, a .8 viewfinder, specific designations in the viewfinder for focal lengths, a CDS meter, high shutter speed capabilities up to 1/1,000th, double exposure capabilities, and much more. Combine all this with the stellar metal body, and you’ve got yourself quite a winner. When used with something like Kodak Tri-X, you’re bound to go about spending all the money in your wallet thanks in part to the camera’s appealing ergonomic structure.

If all this isn’t enough for you, then also consider that the company has announced a bokeh-laden 50mm f0.95 lens to soak up all the light in the world.

Image by Leonard Bentley

Chris Gampat

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