Agustin Muñoz Shows You How to Light Underwater Portraits

All images by Agustin Muñoz. Used with permission.

Shooting portraits underwater with ambient/natural light is tough and so usually the most taken route involves using strobes. But shooting with strobes involves a lot more intensive work in addition to knowledge of how to use them. Photographer Augustin Muñoz recently showed off how he lights underwater portraits for a Red Bull Illume video.

What he ends up proving is a very simple fact of learning how to light: pretend like there is none there to begin with and create your own. Indeed, that’s what he needs to do underwater. The video, which is after the jump, shows how Augustin lit the images using strobes both above the water and below. Considering his perspective, his lighting just makes sense according to his own creative vision. For some of the images, the same effect could have been rendered by placing the light in another spot too–but this is just what Augustin did.




Chris Gampat

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