Elinchrom Announces New Skyport Radio Triggers for Hot Shoe Flashes


Elinchrom has always been very much about their own radio triggers, monolights, etc. But today, they’re making quite an interesting announcement. The new Elinchrom Skyport Plus system follow up the HS system and are specifically designed to be used with Canon and Nikon flashes with Sony support to come later. The receivers and transmitters have a 200 foot range and are capable of being used at Hi-Sync settings when being used at full power.

The Elinchrom Skyport Plus system is retro compatible with the existing Skyport Speed system, and forward compatible to the additional frequencies offered by the latest Elinchrom ELB and ELC units. No exact word has been given on pricing yet though.

More images are after the jump.


151103_19369-ELSP-R-Side-Back 151103_19368-ELSP-R-Front+Back 19368-ELSP-T-Front 19368-ELSP-T-Side-R 19368-ELSP-T-Side-Swivel


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