Pink Coffee Table Photo Book Celebrates Women of All Shapes and Sizes

Pink Coffee Table book

Ian Pettigrew is a photographer that worked with women for years and throughout his work, has emphasized his celebration of all body types. That’s what he’s going for in his new book: Pink. Currently on Kickstarter, the book focuses on alt/glam models of various body types and is seeking $13,406 to get it finished. The funding isn’t going towards gear, but towards the models, travel, etc. All of the models are shot on a seamless pink background.

The donations start at $5 and give you a High Resolution wallpaper image for your computer. The images so far have a bit of a feeling of both Warhol’s Pop art mixed with modern fashion aesthetics. It’s surely not for everyone, but the celebration of all body types is surely something to speak about.

Not familiar with Ian’s work? He’s the man behind Salty Girls, Salty Kids, and has been working to raise awareness of Cystic Fibrosis for a really long time now. The video is after the jump, but it’s pretty NSFW.

Chris Gampat

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