How to Make Your Camera Batteries Last Longer in the Cold

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We’ve all had that experience: you’re in the cold shooting photos when suddenly your camera battery starts to drain really, really fast. It’s a bummer, but photographer David Bergman has a cool (or warm) tip for you to keep your camera alive longer.

David states that the colder it is, the faster a battery will drain. If you’ve got an iPhone, you probably know this very well. But it also happens with cameras. In fact, it’s faster with mirrorless cameras because they need to power the LCD and the EVF. David’s trick though involves to use of those little hand warmer heating packs. Essentially, what you’re going to do is keep the batteries near those and keep that entire package in a pocket closer to your body. This way it stays warm.

Cold Battery Tips: Two Minute Tips with David Bergman from AdoramaTV on Vimeo.

If this method sounds familiar to any of you, it really should. For those of us who shoot analog instant film using Peel apart emulsions, you’ll know that if the chemicals are too cold, then they’ll freeze and not go through onto the positive. So you often need to keep the film pack and the developing shot close to your body. In fact, Polaroid used to offer what were called Cold Clips, to do this.

Chris Gampat

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