CineStill Funding Campaign Now Includes Large Format Emulsion

CineStill Large format

CineStill has been looking for funding to jumpstart the production of 120 film, but very recently they updated their IndieGoGo campaign to also include large format film. To unlock this perk, CineStill is looking for $150,000 and all the film will be special order. Beyond that, we’ll unlock 50D film in 120.

CineStill, for those of you not in the know, take Kodak motion picture film, remove a layer and repackage it for easy use with 35mm film cameras. The new 120 format version is essentially sticking to the same formula, but with the large format stuff we can’t be exactly sure how they’re doing it. Kodak has had sheet film for a while, but this is quite interesting a case.

At the moment of publishing this story, that means that CineStill is going to essentially need double the funding within six days to get it done.

Chris Gampat

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