This Image was Created With Strategically Placed Monolights

DSC_0181 as Smart Object-1

Image by Jaanus Ree. Used with permission. 

Red Bull Illume Photographer Jaanus Ree has already proven that he can create incredible photos of athletes done in extreme situations. This time, he’s back and showing off a new shoot that, well, saying that there was a lot of effort put into it doesn’t begin to do justice to just how much work was done.

Jaanus used a bulldozer to move loads of snow to create a pipe/ramp for a snowboarder to leap off of. But he was very specific about his lighting. Done in what seems to be a lot for trailers or busses, he placed Elinchrom lights into each of them and lights that will illuminate the athlete. Then he shot and triggered all of the lights to go off at once.

The glass windows are frosted and so they provide a natural diffusion and just enough kick to make the image look different.

The video on how this was done is after the jump; it’s well worth the watch.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.